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14 Jan 2018 : TPVCC donate to new Polson Park facilities
TPVCC donate to new Polson Park facilities

Tranent and Preston Village Cricket Club have today fulfilled a commitment to donate to the new Polson Park pavilion and changing facilities in Tranent.

Club President Dougie Russell presented Tranent and District Community Sports Club representative (and TPVCC player!) Paul MacGregor with a cheque for £500.00 towards their fundraising effort. If you would like to know more about this important community project, or to make a donation yourself please click the following link.

13 Dec 2017 : AGM Calling Notice Issued
AGM Calling Notice Issued

You will note there are many positions that are vacant or the incumbent is standing down. These positions will need to be filled at the AGM. In addition any position which is currently occupied can also be filled by a new candidate at the AGM as the tenure for positions is from one AGM to the next. If you wish to apply for a position please note that you need a club member to propose your nomination and another club member must second the nomination. These nominations should be confirmed to the Club Secretary (Scott) on or before Sunday 31st December 2017.

Any club motion must be received by the Club Secretary by Sunday 1st January and a final agenda will be issued at or around the 7th January 2018.

The draft agenda is as follows;



10:00 am at the Meadowmill Sports Centre, Tranent on Sunday 14th January 2018.

Order of business;

  1. Roll Call and Apologies
  2. Minutes of Last Annual General Meeting
  3. Matters Arising from AGM
  4. Presidents Report
  5. Captains Reports
  6. Treasurers Report
  7. Subscription for 2018
  8. Election of Office Bearers
  9. Motions
  10. AOB

28 Nov 2017 : International Tickets Available
International Tickets Available

Tickets for club members are available for:

Scotland v England (ODI) at The Grange on Sunday 10th June and

Scotland v Pakistan (T20) at the Grange on Tuesday/ Wednesday 12, 13 June 

can be pre-ordered by clubs ahead of general sale.

Time is short to pre-book, so please contact Scott Russell by email on no later than 6th December if you wish to book tickets.

Tickets £42/£30 England or £32/£20 Pakistan

12 Nov 2017 : Favourite TCC/PVCC XI - Bevo Beveridge
Favourite TCC/PVCC XI - Bevo Beveridge

Sheljo Jose, a mean, fast bugger whose height often means short arses like me are in real danger of being decapitated, can also swipe a mean boundary at the tail end

Adnan Ali, way shorter than Mr Jose and with about a 3 step run up you think you’re in for a comfy time batting, no way! Very pacey cos of his quick arm speed, very accurate and as I found out can dig a vicious ball into the rib area, left me having a right strop at nets by doing just that 😂, also a great run scorer so ideal all rounder

Omais Altaf, total class with the bat, makes shotmaking look easy almost graceful, rarely gets out cheaply or to a bad ball this guy is an absolute must for any XI, and he’s a great guy as well, makes ya sick don’t it!😂

Ali Fahim, another brilliant batsman, small in stature but another huge hitter who can tear bowlers to shreds and make them look totally silly and a real headache for their bowling figures too!

Scott Russell, hugely knowledgable patient innings building batsman, solid and dependable you know he’s a batting limpit there’s no way he’s going to give his wicket away, a team can build a big score around him and he’s often still there helping those in at the end to wag the tail, really useful bowler n keeper and his decision making as a captain can dig out results, tho he may be prone to causing the run out of a team mate or two!

Dougie Russell, I could just write ditto as just like his brother he’s hugely knowledgable and masterful at building a big score and holding a teams innings together, fantastically accurate spin bowler who can single handedly pin teams down and pull them apart, a vital man in an XI

Mark Anderson, devastating fast bowler who has dislodged many a batsmen’s teeth in his time, get his temper up at your peril batsmen and he’s liable to make the ball use your ribs as a xylophone! Biggest hitter of a 6 I’ve seen on the pitch in my 6 years with the Club

Chad Williams, another great bowler/batsman, class act at both and again one who makes shot making look incredibly easy, to top it all off he’s an absolute athlete in the field and any batsmen who think they gonna stroll to safety beware he throws a total bullet back in from even the longest boundary, a great guy too - no bad for an Aussie South African!😉

James Nicolson, here’s another athlete to make up for the rest of our stiff as a board fielding, closer in fielding he is deadly can make ground up in a flash for a catch or dive in no time to take one, another to beware of a run out from his lightning arm, can also bat fantastically well, very dependable

Waleed Hassan, a blast from the past, and another player who I consider great with both bat and ball and another thoroughly nice bloke too!

Grant Jones, only played in the same team as him once but a scarily awesome batsman, once was enough for me to see what a class act he is

Won’t name any reserves as there’s so many of you who could make my XI, some for skill, some for being great people, some for hard work and determination and others for ‘entertainment’!

29 Sep 2017 : Favourite TCC/PVCC XI - Steve Lee
Favourite TCC/PVCC XI - Steve Lee

Steve's pick is the 4th selection in our series.

1. Shiraz Ramzan – one of the best players that I’ve ever played with. Great bowler, even better batsman, and a cracking fielder too. Would love to have him back playing with us next season.
2. Matt Boyd – great bowler, always seemed to take wickets every week. Devastating batsman when he got going too. The only guy I’ve seen score a ton at Polwarth.
3. Neil Craigmile – one of the 1st Tranent players to come in to bolster the depleted PV team following the merger this season. A great guy, steady batsman, 24/7 positive attitude, and a safe pair of hands behind the sticks (apart from when he’s keeping to me 😛 ).
4. James Nicholson – only played 1 game with James, but he made a huge impression with his energy, enthusiasm and his captaincy. Probably the sharpest fielder I’ve taken the field with.
5. Ian Patterson – a steady hand in the middle order. Great to bat with and also a vastly-underrated bowler. I kept to him while he rattled through Heriots in my 1st season at the club, taking 8 wickets.
6. Graeme Barrie – before this season I’d only played once or twice with G. Whenever he played he seemed to get injured. This season has been completely different. Always seemed to pop up with wickets and runs at the vital moment. Kept a cool head during the uncertainty of the merger too.
7. Ian Hawkins – who could forget Hawkeye? Even though he’s a Rangers fan, he still makes the squad! Tidy, efficient bowler and very useful with the bat. Another guy that I’d love to see back at the club.
8. Adam Forsyth – not seen much of Adam this season, but a cracking quick with real pace and movement. A great opening bowling, getting the opposition on the defensive right from ball 1.
9. Mike Brunton – another welcome Tranent face that came into the merged 2nd team. Mr Dependable with the bat, always seeming to chip in with runs at the right time. A very tidy bowler and a very safe pair of hands too. My nomination for 2s player of the season.
10, Gregor Brunton – a young lad with a big future. A cracking bowler with pace and movement. Definitely one to watch next season.
11. Gary Wicksted – my car-share campadri and fellow wicketkeeper. Loves scoring more than actually playing and has the most impressive pencil case I’ve ever seen.

28 Sep 2017 : Favourite TCC/PVCC XI - Dougie Russell
Favourite TCC/PVCC XI - Dougie Russell

As I’ve not played for TPV quite as long as Scott I limited my selections to people with whom I’ve played more than 5 times.  So some otherwise likely contenders have been omitted – so Mark Anderson, Grant Jones, Jason Davie, Adam Forsyth....apologies.  Anyway to my selections:

  1. Shiraz Ramzan.  Played at PV with Shiraz when he was a youngster.  Cracking player with bags of potential both batting and fielding.    Nice lad.  Big loss to TPV.  Hopefully he will return to playing.

  2. Chad Williams.  Probably the most gifted batsman I’ve played with at TPV.  Sees a beach ball from the get go.  Superb fielder in both the infield and outfield.  Potentially solid bowler (if not trying to knock a batsman’s head off ).  Really nice guy but with typical Aussie chat (of the McGrath mould).

  3. Omais Altaf.  Technically superb & prolific batsman – never gives away his wicket.  Very adept at pacing his innings.  Very safe pair of hands and a useful bowling option.  A brilliant player to have in your team.  A level head and a gentleman.  

  4. Nick Grainger.  Best all rounder I’ve played with and right up there in terms of top bowlers.  Typically aggressive Yorky fast bowler, never short of a word or two for the batters... lovely if you’re not facing.  Coupled with a superb eye, quick runs are practically guaranteed.  Excellent athlete in the weakness in his game.  Great team mate.

  5. Ian Paterson.  If it came down to trench warfare you’d have Ian in your team.  Perhaps not the most gifted of players but makes absolutely the most of what he has.  Very hard working off and on the field and always willing to go the hard mile.  Useful with the gloves as well as when turning his arm over.  Solid, gritty middle order batter.  Likes a chat as well.....seems to be a common theme so far

  6. Adnan Ali.  All rounder No.2.  Very underrated bowler.  Didn’t bowl himself nearly enough.  Very accurate and pacy off a reduced run up.  Another player with a superb eye, with an ability to score quickly and regularly.

  7. Scott Russell.  Solid performer with the gloves.  Loves a battle and always gives 100%.  Never gives his wicket away - loves a Not Out more than seems reasonable.  An unselfish player who always puts the team first as well as contributing a massive amount off the pitch.  El Capitano.

  8. Sheljo Jose. The big man.  Tall and fast.  Great to give the new ball to...not so nice to face.  Bowler with an effortless, smooth, and repetitive rhythm.  If the rest of us could catch as well as he bowls, he’d take a lot more wickets. Likes to give the ball a bit of a biff as well...definitely not a blocker.  Great guy to have in your team.

  9. Scott MacMillan.  For Scott read Scott and Del ( see No.10). Pair of them joined at the hip and bowled in tandem. Both tight as a gnats chuff.  More than made up for their lack of pace with unerring accuracy.  Can’t remember either of them having an off day.  The pressure on the batters was constant.  Brilliant to play with.  In addition Scott could swing the bat with a bit of purpose and Del could block .  Very chatty.

  10. Derek Wright (see above)

  11. Gary Findlay.    Hard to believe that anyone’s chat could stand out in this team but Gary could be that man. With his ability to wind batters up and the support he would get from the rest.... a frightening proposition.  Seriously Gary is a proven wicket taker, his accurate slow bowling and deception regularly picking up a bucket load of wickets... and it’s often top order batsmen who succumb to his web.  His batting is legendary.  Hence Del bats above him .

27 Sep 2017 : Favourite TCC/PVCC XI - Mark Anderson
Favourite TCC/PVCC XI - Mark Anderson

Second in our season of favourite XI's is Mark Anderson. Tranent Captain during season 2011 and still Tranent's leading wicket taker with 178 victims. 

1. Shiraz Ramzan Destructive opening batsman. Get him quick or he will damage you.

2. Neil Craigmile Need a leftie in the team. Steady bat who builds innings. Great glove work so team wicketkeeper.

3. David King Hugely difficult to dislodge. Steady batsman.

4. Dougie Russell All-rounder. Talented batsman who scores steadily, difficult to pick spinner and his knowledge of the game makes him the team captain.

5. Grant Jones Gifted batsman and steady bowler. Great attitude to have in the team.

6. Phil Taylor Only played a few seasons with him but great batsman and steady bowler. T20 specialist.

7. Scott Russell Steady batsman who needs to be prized out. Under-rated spin bowler.

8. Nick Grainger Destructive player with bat and ball. 

9. Sheljo Jose Fabulous quick bowler and end of innings run scorer. Everyone enjoys this big guy in the team.

10. Shabaz Ramzan Always a difficult bowler to play against. Quick and moves the ball, a great combination.

11. Adam Forsyth A young player who has developed a lot. Still has much talent to be unearthed. In the team for his bowling but his batting is fast improving.


Batting Reserve: Tam Hardwick

Bowling Reserve: Adnan Ali

26 Sep 2017 : Favourite TCC/PVCC XI - Scott Russell
Favourite TCC/PVCC XI - Scott Russell

First in the series of favourite TCC/ PVCC elevens. Club Secretary Scott Russell picks his favourite XI from both TCC and PVCC.

1. Shiraz Ramzan. Only played a few years with Shiraz as he moved from junior to senior cricket. Very attacking opening batsman and a fantastic fielder. Hugely entertaining off the field too.

2. David King. Steady player. A student of the game who always makes a game contribution. Great guy to have in your team. 

3. Dougie Russell. One of the best players I have played with. Fantastic bat, dangerous bowler and very rarely drops a catch. Big focus on team performance where everyone is required to make a contribution. He also takes the team captaincy as he has a proven record of good decisions.

4. Omais Altaf. A classic batsman who scored runs regularly. Technically the best batsman I have played with. Safe hands and an occasional bowler who offers something different. 

5. Chad Williams. Only played the one season with this Ozzie but someone you want in your team. Total all-rounder who has taken one of the most stunning catches I have ever seen. Great guy to go to the bar with.

6. Nick Grainger. Big Harrogate lad who played a three seasons for PVCC. Scored big and scored quick. Another all-rounder with no weakness in his game.A fantastic team mate who was great company at the bar too.

7. Mark Anderson. Big character who is capable of winning games with either bat or ball. One of the very few quicks I've come across and would be in contention with a biggest 6 competition. 

8. Gary Findlay. Off spin and occasional leggie who lives and breathes cricket. Fun loving who does not take matters too seriously. Solid fielder and another contender for the biggest 6 competition.

9. Scott McMillan. Very difficult to pick Macca and not pick Derek Wright too. Macca has the talent of encouraging players to play shots and then bowls a jaffa. A very healthy strike rate secures him in the XI. 

10. Sheljo Jose, A very useful quick bowler who delivers problems due to his height. Safe hands and a tail-ender who regularly delivers runs at the end on an innings.

11. Scott Beveridge. What he makes up for in keeping ability Bevo makes up for in effort and commitment. You also need to take into account the tea catering that is supplied by his long suffering wife. The team wicket-keeper.


12. Luke Hextall. Luke was the first 12th man in my first final. Lucky mascot or not Luke was a useful bowler, safe fielder and sometimes an entertaining batsman. Funny guy to have around too.

First Reserves

Batting - Ian Patterson

Bowling - Graeme Barrie

Keeping - Aiden Hoenigmann

19 Jun 2017 : TPVCC weekly update

Tuesday carried on the typical Scottish summer meaning the cup game against Scottish Widows was abandoned after 6 overs.

Saturday however was glorious the 1s took on Linlithgow 2s winning by 7 wickets. Dougie Russell taking his first 5 for this year finishing with 5/7. James Nicolson and Scott Russell were pick of the batsman, Nicolson 23 and Russell 20 not out.

The 2s went down by 4 wickets against Murrayfield DAFS 3s. Alistair Dobie top scoring with 14. Surabh Sethi was the pick of the bowlers 7overs, 4maidens, 7runs and 2wickets.

The 3s lost by 6 wickets after being dismissed for 21. Excellent opening bowling from James Griffiths and Andrew Punton taking 2wickets apiece.


12 Jun 2017 : Only 1 out of 5 survives the weather

This week started of with the first of 4 cancelations as the Terry Newcombe T20 game against Scottish Widows was washed out.

As the weekend drew closer the hopes of getting any cricket were pretty slim. The rain did finally stop on Saturday not after the 2s game at Watsons had been cancelled.

The 1s hosted top of the table and unbeaten Edinburgh CC on a very damp and slippery artificial wicket. After one ball was bowled opening bowler Forsyth had a nasty slip and the ball was called dead, after a lengthy delay and a change of footwear then first official ball of the match was bowled and gathered by keeper Russell who's quick thinking left the divisions leading run scorer stumped out his crease, after this ball however the match was then abandoned.

The only match of the weekend that did reach its conclusion was the 3rds trip to Livingston. Livi won the toss and opted to bat first and posted 234. The pick of TPV bowlers were skipper James Griffiths 2-22 and Andrew Punton 2-31. Not the best of days for the batsmen leaving us bowled out for 52. The only man reaching double figures was Richard Knight with a solid 20.

On Sunday the 4ths game was also cancelled due to the torrential rain.