Tranent and Preston Village Cricket Club

Tranent and Preston Village Cricket Club 3rd XI squad

2019 ESCA Sunday League




3rd XI

Captain : Sam Booker

enthusiastic player, played quite a bit of cricket over the years, but now Im really trying to up my game towards being a half decent batsman.
Scott Beveridge
Wicket keeper/batsman mainly for 2nd XI 
Lachlan Bruce
Developing player who was new to cricket in 2010.

Graeme Donaldson
Current holder of the Coastal Erosion Award
David Greig
Long time lover of cricket but only been playing properly for a few years. Happy to join in when needed but don't expect too much!
Danny McInnes
I have always loved cricket and played a lot at school but only occasionally since. Bowl at slow/medium pace and batting is ok. Am a left hander. Now retired and am generally fit, looking to get playing again. Have lived in East Lothian now for over 20 years.
David Punton
Played cricket for the school a long time ago and looking at playing again.
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