Tranent and Preston Village Cricket Club

Tranent and Preston Village Cricket Club 3rd XI squad

2019 ESCA Sunday League




3rd XI

Captain : Sam Booker

enthusiastic player, played quite a bit of cricket over the years, but now really trying to up my game and be a half decent batsman. 
Scott Beveridge
Wicket keeper/batsman mainly for 2nd XI 
Lachlan Bruce
Developing player who was new to cricket in 2010.

Graeme Donaldson
Current holder of the Coastal Erosion Award
Danny McInnes
I have always loved cricket and played a lot at school but only occasionally since. Bowl at slow/medium pace and batting is ok. Am a left hander. Now retired and am generally fit, looking to get playing again. Have lived in East Lothian now for over 20 years.
Thomas Monkhouse
I work as a bus driver for lothian buses
David Punton
Played cricket for the school a long time ago and looking at playing again.
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