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Favourite TCC/PVCC XI - Dougie Russell

28 Sep 2017

As I’ve not played for TPV quite as long as Scott I limited my selections to people with whom I’ve played more than 5 times.  So some otherwise likely contenders have been omitted – so Mark Anderson, Grant Jones, Jason Davie, Adam Forsyth....apologies.  Anyway to my selections:

  1. Shiraz Ramzan.  Played at PV with Shiraz when he was a youngster.  Cracking player with bags of potential both batting and fielding.    Nice lad.  Big loss to TPV.  Hopefully he will return to playing.

  2. Chad Williams.  Probably the most gifted batsman I’ve played with at TPV.  Sees a beach ball from the get go.  Superb fielder in both the infield and outfield.  Potentially solid bowler (if not trying to knock a batsman’s head off ).  Really nice guy but with typical Aussie chat (of the McGrath mould).

  3. Omais Altaf.  Technically superb & prolific batsman – never gives away his wicket.  Very adept at pacing his innings.  Very safe pair of hands and a useful bowling option.  A brilliant player to have in your team.  A level head and a gentleman.  

  4. Nick Grainger.  Best all rounder I’ve played with and right up there in terms of top bowlers.  Typically aggressive Yorky fast bowler, never short of a word or two for the batters... lovely if you’re not facing.  Coupled with a superb eye, quick runs are practically guaranteed.  Excellent athlete in the weakness in his game.  Great team mate.

  5. Ian Paterson.  If it came down to trench warfare you’d have Ian in your team.  Perhaps not the most gifted of players but makes absolutely the most of what he has.  Very hard working off and on the field and always willing to go the hard mile.  Useful with the gloves as well as when turning his arm over.  Solid, gritty middle order batter.  Likes a chat as well.....seems to be a common theme so far

  6. Adnan Ali.  All rounder No.2.  Very underrated bowler.  Didn’t bowl himself nearly enough.  Very accurate and pacy off a reduced run up.  Another player with a superb eye, with an ability to score quickly and regularly.

  7. Scott Russell.  Solid performer with the gloves.  Loves a battle and always gives 100%.  Never gives his wicket away - loves a Not Out more than seems reasonable.  An unselfish player who always puts the team first as well as contributing a massive amount off the pitch.  El Capitano.

  8. Sheljo Jose. The big man.  Tall and fast.  Great to give the new ball to...not so nice to face.  Bowler with an effortless, smooth, and repetitive rhythm.  If the rest of us could catch as well as he bowls, he’d take a lot more wickets. Likes to give the ball a bit of a biff as well...definitely not a blocker.  Great guy to have in your team.

  9. Scott MacMillan.  For Scott read Scott and Del ( see No.10). Pair of them joined at the hip and bowled in tandem. Both tight as a gnats chuff.  More than made up for their lack of pace with unerring accuracy.  Can’t remember either of them having an off day.  The pressure on the batters was constant.  Brilliant to play with.  In addition Scott could swing the bat with a bit of purpose and Del could block .  Very chatty.

  10. Derek Wright (see above)

  11. Gary Findlay.    Hard to believe that anyone’s chat could stand out in this team but Gary could be that man. With his ability to wind batters up and the support he would get from the rest.... a frightening proposition.  Seriously Gary is a proven wicket taker, his accurate slow bowling and deception regularly picking up a bucket load of wickets... and it’s often top order batsmen who succumb to his web.  His batting is legendary.  Hence Del bats above him .