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Favourite TCC/PVCC XI - Bevo Beveridge

12 Nov 2017

Sheljo Jose, a mean, fast bugger whose height often means short arses like me are in real danger of being decapitated, can also swipe a mean boundary at the tail end

Adnan Ali, way shorter than Mr Jose and with about a 3 step run up you think you’re in for a comfy time batting, no way! Very pacey cos of his quick arm speed, very accurate and as I found out can dig a vicious ball into the rib area, left me having a right strop at nets by doing just that 😂, also a great run scorer so ideal all rounder

Omais Altaf, total class with the bat, makes shotmaking look easy almost graceful, rarely gets out cheaply or to a bad ball this guy is an absolute must for any XI, and he’s a great guy as well, makes ya sick don’t it!😂

Ali Fahim, another brilliant batsman, small in stature but another huge hitter who can tear bowlers to shreds and make them look totally silly and a real headache for their bowling figures too!

Scott Russell, hugely knowledgable patient innings building batsman, solid and dependable you know he’s a batting limpit there’s no way he’s going to give his wicket away, a team can build a big score around him and he’s often still there helping those in at the end to wag the tail, really useful bowler n keeper and his decision making as a captain can dig out results, tho he may be prone to causing the run out of a team mate or two!

Dougie Russell, I could just write ditto as just like his brother he’s hugely knowledgable and masterful at building a big score and holding a teams innings together, fantastically accurate spin bowler who can single handedly pin teams down and pull them apart, a vital man in an XI

Mark Anderson, devastating fast bowler who has dislodged many a batsmen’s teeth in his time, get his temper up at your peril batsmen and he’s liable to make the ball use your ribs as a xylophone! Biggest hitter of a 6 I’ve seen on the pitch in my 6 years with the Club

Chad Williams, another great bowler/batsman, class act at both and again one who makes shot making look incredibly easy, to top it all off he’s an absolute athlete in the field and any batsmen who think they gonna stroll to safety beware he throws a total bullet back in from even the longest boundary, a great guy too - no bad for an Aussie South African!😉

James Nicolson, here’s another athlete to make up for the rest of our stiff as a board fielding, closer in fielding he is deadly can make ground up in a flash for a catch or dive in no time to take one, another to beware of a run out from his lightning arm, can also bat fantastically well, very dependable

Waleed Hassan, a blast from the past, and another player who I consider great with both bat and ball and another thoroughly nice bloke too!

Grant Jones, only played in the same team as him once but a scarily awesome batsman, once was enough for me to see what a class act he is

Won’t name any reserves as there’s so many of you who could make my XI, some for skill, some for being great people, some for hard work and determination and others for ‘entertainment’!